Happy Wednesday

Hi Hair Lovers


I have been MIA for so long, I was actually not sure to continue blogging or not. Its really hard when you are starting your own hair journey, and you look at your hair gurus (hair envy) and feel I am not gonna make it.

But all in all it wouldn’t be a journey if it wasn’t filled with ups and downs, we are in a learning curve. At this present moment I am up for the challenge.

I have realised that all my trouble of not retaining length was that I stopped pre-pooing my hair and it led to massive breakage. I started seriously with all the step in my regimen and I see progress whoop whoop.


Have you ever felt like you are not seeing progress with your hair?



4 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. Indeed doll, same boat myself, mine is massive thinness in my hair due to overload of stress but do not give up on your journey or your blog, post about it, what went wrong, how you feel and now, your plans to fix it, believe me when I say, you will feel better and that will push you to keep on your journey, personally I rarely go on YouTube anymore because I have to focus on my hair needs and be my own personal hair guru. There are a million and one places you can find about how awesome hair journeys go and gorgeous healthy hair and all that, which is great but what about us girls, whose hair journey is not doing all that great, those of us dealing with hair problems and issues, that also needs to be put out there. That way, any girl out there going through hair disaster can have someone to relate to, so please, do not give up, blog about your experience, it shows not that you have failed but that no matter what happens, you are succeeding because you are not giving up, wish you the best and look forward to your future posts and your hair will recuperate, give her one more year and see, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


  2. I’ve also felt that way but like you said it’s a hair journey, it’s bound to have its ups and downs. I totally agree, keep blogging; tell us all about what your doing.
    I’m in the same position as I’m now working longer hours, don’t have enough time to do much which includes looking after my hair so I’ve noticed a lot of breakage and increased shedding but I’m working my way around it making my own products to help strengthen my hair and working on my own protective hair styles.


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