Protein Treatment Update

Hi All!

Like I mentioned on my regimen, every last week of each month I clarify with either Bentonite or shampoo, this time I use Tresemme Keratin shampoo, and did the protein treatment with APhogee 2 Step and followed with Balancing Moisturiser.

I must say I was scared to use since I don’t have a hooded dryer, but with the help my good friend google I saw you can use a hand dryer with a plastic over your head. I was tiring I must say but it was worth it. I loved the way my hair felt after keeping the Balancing Moisturiser for almost 2 hours(it wasn’t intentional mommy duties called).

I did the LOC using my self mix leave-in, followed with the castor oil and for the cream I used Dark n Lovely conditioning moisturiser.

The Verdict:

The protein treatment really helped with my breaking hair. I will definitely do it again in 2 months time. The treatment does what it claims and will keep it.


I don’t have pics for that wash day, but I will try harder to take pics from now on.


Have you used the Aphogee products? What was your experience?







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