Growth vs. retention

Hi Hair lovers

Today we talk about hair growth vs hair retention. Hair grows an average of 1/2 an inch(1.27cm) per month, despite our race or genetics. This means that even African hair is capable of growing to at least 12 inches(30 cm) of its length.

Coming to my point, no matter what happens our hair is growing. the problem is that we must master how to retain the length we get on a monthly basis.

To retain the length a lot of TLC is needed, meaning our health is taken into consideration – whether are we consuming a balanced diet, drinking at least 8 glasses of water, and our fitness level. Normally what you put into your body will be seen from the outside.

IMG_20150730_191834[1]Mini twist as a protective hairstyle

Secondly we need to practice low Manipulation, this is key to our Type 4 hair. Constant manipulation causes unnecessary hair breakage, which we then interpret as not having any hair growth. Protective styles should be used to minimise the need to constantly combing hair. The manner in which we comb our hair is also vital because if we comb dry hair we will notice a lot of breakage.

Thirdly our hair needs moisture to thrive, dry hair leads to breakage.

Last but not least we need Patience, we know the saying “Rome was not build in one day”, that saying implies also to our hair, we need to be patient and enjoy every step of the way whether uphill or downhill.





One thought on “Growth vs. retention

  1. Amen girl and great post, in that phase of low manipulation myself, after dealing with major loss of thickness, am leaving her alone and sticking to a very simple basic regimen, will take me 11 months to get back what I had but as you said, patience is key and am all for that 😀 thank you so much, you have helped me a ton to remember, keep it simple!


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