Wash day

Hi hair lovers!!


This last quarter of the year is very hectic for me, I sometimes skip wash days (I know, I know routine must be followed) but life also happens. Anyway this Saturday I had to wash my hair, I didn’t have a choice my scalp was so itchy since I am on the Hairlista INC oil challenge. I skipped the pre-poo session and jumped straight to washing.


Like I promised that I will review the African black soap which I liquified four days prior to my wash day. The soap has much foam I was very impressed, as I was rinsing it out I could feel that my hair was squeaky clean. My scalp now could breath and the dandruff which I noticed recently disappeared. I then did the DC by mixing Africa’s best Hair Mayonnaise and Dark n Lovely Amla Legend, and a spoon full of castor oil.

DnL Amla

AB Hair Mayo

I used the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in which I bought at Obulunji, and sealed all the moisture in using the Shea Butter I bought from Natural Moisture. For my styling I did flat twists at the back and bantu knots on the top of my hair because I wanted to use the banana comb for my final look. Below is my final look, excuse the poor picture quality.




How was your wash day?

Love NKM

The #washdayexperience badge (2015)























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