Perm rods on wash day

perm rods



Hi Hair Lovers!!!


I cannot believe the year its almost the end, I had my second last wash day this past weekend. I must say I am now getting the hang of my wash days.


Pre-poo: Jamaican Black Castor oil overnight

Wash: African black soap

Deep Conditioner: ORS Replenish Pak mixed with Olive oil and honey for extra moisture

Leave-in: Cantu Shea Butter

Sealing: Natural Moisture Shea butter

Cream: Cantu Coconut curling cream

Cantu Curling custard



The following day I took out the perm rods and this was the final results. It wasn’t so bad, but I think I should try the curling lotion mousse for extra hold.



That was the final results of my perm rod experience.


How was your perm rod experience?

Love NKM

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15 thoughts on “Perm rods on wash day

  1. I’ve never tried perm rods, tho I have tried flexi rods. Flexi rods are just easier for me to maneuver but its been so long I can’t remember what that turned out like! haha

    I, too, add honey and oil to my deep conditioners – always. But I also add coconut milk which I find really helps moisturize and softens hair. You can try it some time. I add 1 tbsp coconut milk to every deep conditioner then freeze the rest in ice cube trays and defrost in the microwave when needed,

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  2. i haven’t used perm rods in ages. I have so many of them too.
    Do you use the liquid african black soap or the bar? i purchased the liquid from Whole Foods once. (unscented so I can scent with essential oils)

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