Product review

Brownchild hair products


Hi hair lovers!!

For this wash day I used the Brownchild hair products. The products are small enough to fit in your hand. I liked the products because they are nice and simple. The Brownchild range has three products. The shampoo is sulphate free
which means it is safe to use even on dyed hair.

My take on the shampoo:

– The shampoo lathers pretty well for a sulphate free shampoo
– even though I pre-pooed overnight with coconut, the shampoo managed to clean my hair

The not so nice:

– The product does not have the ingredients list.
– the scent is too quiet for my liking.

My take on the conditioner:

– the conditioner is thick.

The not so nice:

– the conditioner does not have slip, I think it needs a container where you can scoop it out.
the conditioner also does not have the ingredients list.

Overall I will buy them at again, this time I will add their shea butter moisturiser. It’s good that more South African products are being provided which makes shopping easier and they are cost effective as well.

You can get more info and the product range from her Facebook page and her email address


7 thoughts on “Product review

  1. Hello, Brownchild is working on bigger sized bottles(250ml) bottles which are squeezable and so it will friendlier to use. We are also setting up a website: where you’ll be able to order online, a friendly and easy platform to get your hands on the product. We are extremely excited about the developments of Brownchild and we are happy to hear honest reviews from our clients. Thank you for your ongoing support.


  2. Brownchid is working on 250ml squeezable sized bottles which will last longer and friendlier to use. We are also working on an online store where you can place your orders conveniently. our website is coming soon.
    Thank you for your continued support


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