Dry scalp treatment

Dry scalp treatment

Dry scalp treatment

Hi Hair Lovers!!!


KLP of Saving our strands and Jen of Just grow already are running the March wash day experience. This weeks theme is combating dry itchy scalp.

When I have my two strand twists on I am finding that my scalp gets itchy and dry even when my hair is totally moisturised. I used to massage JBCO but realised that at times the itchiness gets worse. I saw on NaturallyCurly about Black Seed oil, I also saw on google that Garlic Oil is good for dry skin.


Benefits of Black seed oil:

  • is anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • reduces the flakiness and minimises scalp sensitivity
  • It also kills viruses and fungal infections


Benefits of Garlic Oil:

  • possesses anti-fungal properties that can fight the infection that is giving rise to dandruff
  • Garlic oil also contains sulfur that helps calm inflamed and irritated skin
  • provides relief from the signature itchiness caused by dandruff


In my applicator bottle I mixed Garlic oil, JBCO and Black seed oil. I do not have measurements as I mix according to my scalps requirements at the time.

I massage the oil mix on my scalp at night and wear my silk scarf and hop to bed. the next day my scalp is itch free and the dryness is completely gone.


This oil mix can also be used as a hot oil treatment, but caution must be taken that you do not burn your scalp.


What is your oil mix for combating dry itchy scalp?




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