How to transition successfully






Hi hair lovers!!!

If you do not want to do a big chop, then transitioning is a good option when going natural. The journey is very lengthy and it has highs and lows, but when you know what you are doing and you are having the right products for your hair then it will be smooth sailing.


What you must know is that during the transitioning process you will deal with different textures of hair, there will be your natural hair and the relaxed hair. Where these two textures meet is the demarcation line, where there could be a potential for breakage.


To minimise and stop breakage while transitioning, you can follow these following steps:

  • Moisture retention – since you will be dealing with two textures, most of the time our natural hair is prone to dryness. Find a good moisturiser that is paraben and sulphate free. Incorporate a good moisturising routine.


  • Protective styling – protective styling can be anything you want to do to hair that minimises manipulation to your hair, while it is best to implement this step but you must always remember to take care of your hair even while its in the protective style.


  • Conditioning –  regular conditioning is very important to maintain the strands elasticity and moisture, and for also manageability. Deep conditioners must be use at least weekly in your hair regimen, leave-in conditioners must be use after washing your hair and whenever your hair feels dry and thirsty.
  • No heat – try as much as you can to stay away from heat like blow dryers, flat irons. If you have to use heat, always use a heat protector.
  • Lastly – Patience – it took you time to reach the length your relaxed hair is, so it will take time to see results



Do you incorporate any of these steps in your transitioning phase?

Love Lebogang


10 thoughts on “How to transition successfully

  1. I transitioned for about a year, I waited until my hair was long enough to put in a small puff before I cut off the relaxed ends. It’s very doable if u follow the above steps!


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