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Hi hair lovers!!!


I am back again with another product review from one our local products, Afri-berry Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The products are proudly South African, and are inspired by a beautiful lady Relebohile Moeng you can read her story here. Afri-berry products ranges from hair care to skin care please view their website here.


I was intrigued to try out their by the testimonies I saw on their website, I started using the Afri-berry JBCO on the 13th of June this year. This September will be my 3rd month using this amazing products. It all started when I started the 3 months hair challenge, which I will give you the results later. My edges where severely damaged to a point that I didn’t think anything can solve them.

Product details:

When used regularly, your hair will become thicker, with more body and natural shine. It’s also great to use on your skin to hydrate and nourish it to a youthful glow. A convenient 50 ml bottle makes it easy to simply pop Afri-Berry Jamaican Black Castor oil in your bag and take it along wherever you go.


Cold pressed Jamaican Black castor oil, pimento oil, shea butter, rosemary extract, organic saponified oils of coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil, cow placenta extract

The cow placenta powder is the active ingredient.  This is a breakthrough discovery that Afri-Berry has made and researched together with the ARC, and the patent currently lies with Afri-Berry.

The hormones and cytokines in a cow’s placenta promote hair growth not only by elongating the hair shaft but also by increasing the number of hair follicles; cow placenta is an affordable and natural alternative to minoxidile, which is widely used by hair experts for baldness.

No cows are harmed during this process – the placenta is retrieved when a baby cow is born, and instead of disposing of the placenta, it is used to make this amazing extract that helps to treat hair loss.

  • Excellent for stimulating hair growth
  • An amazing leave-in treatment for rejuvenating your hair
  • Thickens hair naturally, for a fuller thicker head of glossy lustre
  • Protects your hair from damage and repairs it too
  • Seals moisture in your hair
  • It even detoxes your hair from all the chemical treatments you have used
  • Also a great nourisher for your skin
  • Use it to condition your eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Cold pressed oil that penetrates 90% overnight


How I use the oil:

I massage the oil on the affected area two times a day, I first moisturise and then pump a small amount of oil on my finger and massage my hairline.

Below is the picture of my before and 2 months while using this amazing product.B & A

I am very happy of my progress, and I cannot wait to have a full head of hair.


Which product are you using to heal your hairline?

Love Lebogang



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