Hair Challenge results


Hi Hair lovers!!!


In April I wrote a post about me starting a hair challenge, it started in May and ended in August so to say. On the challenge I had to do inversion methods for seven consecutive days per month, exercise and take biotin for those three months. I started off with the following lengths;

My starting length:

Front: 4.5″

Left side: 5″

Left back: 5″

Right side: 4.5″

Right back: 5″

My end length after the challenge:

Front: 7″

Left side: 6.5″

Left back: 6.5″

Right side: 6.5″

Right back: 7″

I started quite well with much enthusiasm, but by the beginning of the second month I took a great deep, I had stressful situations which made taking care of my hair a mission. What I have noticed is that thoughout the stress I went through I had little to no breakage which I am very happy for.



As y’all can notice from the length checks I have very uneven hair growth, which is surprising because I used to have fast hair growth on my left compared to my right side.

My take on hair challenges:

  • Is that never enter a challange until you are mentally and physically ready;
  • inversion methods are not for everyone, I could do it for two days maximum but the rest of the days, I will have thousand excuses why I cannot do it;
  • eating healthy was never an issue for me, I managed to eat healthy most of the time;
  • Excercising! well what can I say, its something I really need to work hard at.
  • Will I do it again, for sure but excluding the inversion method.


Have you participated in any hair challenge what was the results?




8 thoughts on “Hair Challenge results

  1. What inversion methods did you use? I’ve never done a hair challenge: right now I just keep my hair in crochet braids and pretty much just ignore it… So bad


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