Hygral Fatigue


It is known that natural hair can be dry, and moisture is the main and important thing we naturals strive to achieve and master. While in the moisture game, one can overdo it which can lead to Hygral Fatigue.


What is Hygral Fatigue?

It is when the hair shaft swells excessively in the presence of water. This cause the cuticle of the hair to lift which can change the uniformity of that layer and lead to splits in the hair shaft during the drying.


Causes of Hygral Fatigue:

  • Over moisturizing from constant overnight deep conditioning and or baggy method.
  • Not enough protein and moisture balance
  • Re-wetting your hair.

How to prevent Hygral Fatigue:

  • Incorporate a well-balanced protein and moisture hair care regimen,
  • Too much of a good thing can de damaging, so limit your baggy methods.

When doing pre-poo use penetrating oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Once in a while use ACV rinses to balance the hairs pH. Remember, that while doing the protein treatments to correct Hygral Fatigue one must not overdo it and end up with protein overload.



Signs of Hygral Fatigue:

  • Hair breakage because of the weakened strands,
  • The feeling of mushy, and limp hair,
  • Low elasticity.


Have you suffered from Hygral Fatigue? And, what did you do to correct it?




10 thoughts on “Hygral Fatigue

  1. I have learned something new today! Thank you for this post because since going natural I am obsessed with moisture sometimes I even forget about protein! thanks for the wake up call


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