Hair Challenge results


Hi Hair lovers!!!


In April I wrote a post about me starting a hair challenge, it started in May and ended in August so to say. On the challenge I had to do inversion methods for seven consecutive days per month, exercise and take biotin for those three months. I started off with the following lengths;

My starting length:

Front: 4.5″

Left side: 5″

Left back: 5″

Right side: 4.5″

Right back: 5″

My end length after the challenge:

Front: 7″

Left side: 6.5″

Left back: 6.5″

Right side: 6.5″

Right back: 7″

I started quite well with much enthusiasm, but by the beginning of the second month I took a great deep, I had stressful situations which made taking care of my hair a mission. What I have noticed is that thoughout the stress I went through I had little to no breakage which I am very happy for.



As y’all can notice from the length checks I have very uneven hair growth, which is surprising because I used to have fast hair growth on my left compared to my right side.

My take on hair challenges:

  • Is that never enter a challange until you are mentally and physically ready;
  • inversion methods are not for everyone, I could do it for two days maximum but the rest of the days, I will have thousand excuses why I cannot do it;
  • eating healthy was never an issue for me, I managed to eat healthy most of the time;
  • Excercising! well what can I say, its something I really need to work hard at.
  • Will I do it again, for sure but excluding the inversion method.


Have you participated in any hair challenge what was the results?




Hair Update




Hi hair lovers!!!


As y’all know on the 1st of this month I started my hair challenge to grow thicker and longer hair. I have noticed some minor break outs with the biotin I have been using. To remedy that I drink lots and lots of water. My exercise routine is another thing, I have been quite lazy this past week. I have noticed that my hair line is growing finally, yay!



Before I forget I can now put my hair in a ponytail (or rather oxtail), lol, but its really something to celebrate. That’s a nice birthday present, oh yes tomorrow is my day.